Special Events


Hava Nagila, For Real: a Presentation on Traditional Jewish Folk Music

Wed 8/13 2:00 PM

Daniel Gil has a deep knowledge of traditional Jewish music. He performs music that has been passed down through many generations, and he is an expert on the historical context of these traditional melodies. In performing the material from his latest CD “Hava Nagila, For Real” he will give renditions of folk tunes that were part of the vernacular before the Holocaust. Working from the rare transcriptions of music from the Shtetls of Eastern Europe, Daniel has recreated songs that represent a way of life and being that no longer exists. He will also share stories of the history behind the music as well as stories of the Jews and Rabbis of Eastern Europe.

Daniel Gil is a composer, folk musician, producer, and arranger living in the Boston Area. Daniel's works as a composer have been performed in both Europe and America, and are enjoyed by musicians and audiences alike. Daniel studied under the world's most published composer, Dr. John Bavicchi, at Berklee College of Music, where Daniel graduated in 1998. Daniel is a master of the Jewish folk idiom, and has led audiences around the world in song and dance through his unique blend of world instruments and storytelling.

Daniel's website is www.jewsmusic.com