Murivians and Sagamores (Brookline High School Yearbooks and Newspapers)


The Murivian is the Brookline High School Yearbook. View the 1923-2014 volumes of the Murivian online here.

Because of vandalism and theft, we store our copies in a locked area of our stacks. Most volumes are complete, but some have had pictures or pages torn out. They are available for your perusal upon request, but you must fill out a registration form at the Reference Desk.

If you have any copies of the Murivian, especially those we lack, and can bear to part with them, PLEASE .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) reference staff (617-730-2370).

How the Murivian got its name: From 1923-1935, the yearbook was called The Yearbook, Brookline High School. In 1936, the title was changed to The Murivian and the following explanation appeared:

The Year 1936 celebrates not only the fourteenth anniversary of the yearbook but also the initial appearance of this annual as the "Murivian," a name derived from Brookline's historical title "Muddy River."


The Sagamore is the Brookline High School newspaper. We have the following:

  • v. 1 (Jan. 1895) - v. 44 (June 1939)
  • v. 46 (Sep. 1940 - June 1941)
  • v. 49 (Oct. 1942) - v. 63 (June 1957)
  • v. 65 (Oct. 1958) - v. 70 (May 1964)
  • v. 72 (Oct. 1965) - v. 78 (May 1972)