Black Lives Matter Book List for Teens

Robin Brenner | July 11, 2016


During the past week, teens across the country are looking for ways to discuss and engage with the news.  We at the Brookline Library are keen to help our community find information and stories that reflect what’s happening in our world.  Librarians and booksellers across the country have been discussing the best ways to help our communities, and we continue to pull together and do our best to offer a wide range of resources for readers.

This book list, created by Chelsea Couillard-Smith, a librarian for Hennepin County (MN) Library, is a selected list of “good conversation starters for teens engaged in discussions about race and justice.” We offer this list for all of our teen patrons, as well as anyone in our community, who are looking for starting points for exploring issues around race, justice, and privilege.  We have also added our own titles to the list which we think match the spirit of empathy and inspiration that Couillard-Smith’s list begins.

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