Meet the staff: Interview with a librarian

Roy Mackenzie | August 23, 2016

Meet the Staff - Roy

Have you ever wondered who all these people are who work at the library?
We have just the thing for you. Today it’s time to meet a member of the staff.

Name: Roy

Me Robot Sweater

Position/Location: I work in the Reference Department at the Brookline Village location.
Here’s what my desk looks like:

My desk

Personal Biography: My own journey to libraries was a little circuitous. When I started my undergraduate studies back in Michigan, I was leaning towards education with a major in English Lit and a minor in Theater/Performing Arts. By the time I graduated, I had dropped the education component, switched my minor to gender studies, and ended up earning a second bachelors in Philosophy. I spent three years doing computer work for the Department of Defense after that, but when I discovered that I couldn’t advance any further in my career without a Masters, I took stock of my situation. I had a friend who was working in the library field by then, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was a good fit for my interests and my skill set. So I ended up applying to Simmons. I was accepted, moved out to Massachusetts, and never left. During my time in the Commonwealth, I’ve worked at libraries in Concord, Bunker Hill Community College, Cambridge, and Brookline.

I’m interested in: I’m an avid gamer (both board and video). I’m a huge fan of detective stories and noir and an avid comic book reader. If I’m not reading or playing some kind of game, you can probably find me at the movies, especially if there’s a weird sci-fi or horror film playing somewhere.

What I’m reading/watching/listening to now: I recently finished reading “Roadside Picnic”, a fascinating piece of Russian science-fiction by the brothers Strugatsky. It inspired a film, Stalker, which I’m hoping to watch later this week. I’ve also been working my way through Brian Azzarello’s run on Wonder Woman. I finished volume 2 this morning, and it’s an interesting and strange direction for the character, focusing much more on her mythological roots rather than on her being a crime fighter.

Fun fact: I was drawn into an issue of the comic book “The Legend of Ricky Thunder.” Sadly, it’s not available at the library.

Me in a comic book

Ask me about: Movies, games, pizza, comics, detective stories, or robots. Or anything that interests you, really.