Artist-in-Residence Program Library Story Interventions

Roy Mackenzie | October 11, 2016
Perhaps you have seen things on social media and around the Brookline Library asking you to submit a story to our Artist-in-Residence (AIR), Liz Nofziger. Have you found the Ruby Carrel and wondered what that was about?

In addition to delving into the recorded history of the Brookline Library, which resides in the stacks, Liz is delving into your unwritten Library Stories to inform her art interventions in the public spaces of the Brookline Library. Do you have a formative library experience or memory that you’d like to share? You can submit your story here or you can visit the Ruby Carrel, located in the Fiction and Periodicals section of the Brookline Village location. The Ruby Carrel is a Library Story collection booth. Inside you can pen your Library Story on the form provided while being drenched in its cranberry light! When you are done, you insert your story into the Library’s architecture. You can! Trust me on this one.
On the Brookline Library AIR website we will be publishing the stories that you submit, with permission, of course. At the bottom of each story, Liz provides hints directing you to the corresponding art intervention within the Library’s public spaces.
This story, from a patron remembering a listening station in the Brookline Village Library many years ago, is the latest to inspire an intervention in the library. Read the story and follow the hint at the bottom, indicated with a red dot, to find the artwork in the library!
The Brookline Library AIR program has many more things going on, including some workshops happening on Oct. 18th and Nov. 1st. Find out more about the Brookline Library AIR program and Liz Nofziger on our website.
Bonnie Bastien
Curator of the Brookline Library AIR Program