Hogwarts at the Library!

Robin Brenner | October 19, 2016

Join us at Hogwarts for one evening adventure!

Tickets will be available starting at 10am on November 1st.

Eventbrite - Hogwarts at the Library

Open to all ages.

Once you disembark at the school, you will

  • Be sorted in to your Hogwarts House
  • Pick up your wand at Ollivander’s
  • Wander through Diagon Alley
  • Show off your Wizarding robes at Madame Malkins
  • Get your portait taken courtesy of the Daily Prophet
  • Feast in the Great Hall
  • Compete for House points through challenges inside each Common Room
  • Meet your favorite characters from all over the Harry Potter Universe
  • Escape from Azkaban, if you dare

The first fifty students who arrive at Platform 9 3/4 will get their very own souvenir golden galleon from Gringotts Bank.

The entire trip is generously sponsored by the Friends of the Brookline Library, without which we’d all be left at King’s Cross Station with no tickets. To find out more about the Friends and how they support our library, please visit their website here.