Meet the Staff: Gina

Roy Mackenzie | October 20, 2016

Name: Gina


My photo with LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: the Next Generation fame.

Position/Location: I’m a Reference Librarian at the Brookline Village location. I am also the head of the Staff Programming Committee, which is an awesome team that organizes entertaining and educational programs for adults.

Personal Biography: I served as Library Assistant at our Coolidge Corner Library for three years before being promoted to Reference Librarian at the Main Library. I grew up in Germany while my dad worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Although children of military parents typically move every few years, I had the bizarre experience of staying in one place while everyone around me moved. I think this helped me to be an outgoing and adaptable person, and I’m happy to now have friends who live all over the country. I’m thrilled that life and intuition led me to a career in Public Libraries.

I’m interested in: I socialize with friends regularly. My husband and I enjoy exploring near and far, fruit picking, and attending Greek festivals and other cultural fairs. I love to see Gogol Bordello, the world’s best Gypsy Punk band, whenever they play in Boston.


Gogol Bordello– they’re amazing on stage. Photo Credit:

What I’m reading/writing/listening to right now: While driving to work, I’ve been listening to the teen historical fiction book “Walk on Earth a Stranger” by Rae Carson (for the October Shelf Respect Teen Lit Book Group meeting). I’ve recently discovered the electropop band ODESZA.

Fun Fact: My family and I arrived in Berlin for a vacation just after the announcement that the Berlin Wall borders were opened. The announcement was made while we were traveling on November 6, 1989. The next morning we went to see the wall, unaware of the news. I remember crowds of people, seeing long lines outside a West German bank, and watching people with luggage coming through the wall from the East German side.


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