Library Story Times

Roy Mackenzie | November 14, 2016

This blog post comes to us from Natalie Layne in the Children’s Room.

Did you know the Public Library of Brookline’s three branches offer over ten weekly storytimes for our youngest patrons (ages five and under)?  The reason…emergent literacy! Storytimes are a great way to help children acquire the knowledge and skills that they’ll need when they start school (e.g. vocabulary, phonemics, an interest in books). Of course not all parents/caregivers are able to attend our programs so this post is all about giving you tips and tricks to promote emergent literacy in your children.

  • Have lots of conversations with your child.  Be sure to expand on what your child says.  This will help them expand their language skills and increase their vocabulary.
  • Children learn a lot from active play and of course they LOVE to move!  So find teachable moments when you’re out for a walk: name objects and colors, count and sing songs.
  • Sing with your child every day.  Adding songs to your everyday routine can do so much: they’re fun, boost memory and can keep a child’s attention!
  • Read with your child every day.  This helps children learn to look and recognize; it will create an opportunity for them to imitate the actions they see in the pictures, and eventually they’ll babble in the imitation of reading.  Even chewing and manipulating board book pages is an important step in getting them ready to read and write!

Here are a few print and online resources if you’re interested in learning more: