Have you seen this wizard?

Robin Brenner | November 17, 2016

ALERT!  Azkaban has had a disastrous breakout, and all of the following witches and wizards are on the loose!  Do you see a familiar face among these posters?

If you see any of these following escapees, please owl the Ministry of Magic as soon as possible!

Please be advised: if you are undercover at a Muggle institution, to save the image please right-click on the image and click on “Save image as…” to download it.

1e9s1l 1e9s3p 1e9s6x 1ebyi5 1ebyo6
1e9s55 1ebysv 1e9sdo 1e9sg6 1ebzbo
1e9sjc 1e9skv 1e9smh 1e9spz 1ebznp
1e9st6 1e9sur 1e9sw7 1ebzws 1e9sze
1e9t4j 1ec08l 1ec0br 1e9t17 1e9t30
1e9t67 1e9tb2 1e9tcg 1e9tgg 1e9thv
1e9tjw 1e9tlb 1e9tmy 1e9tos 1e9tsi
1e9ttw 1e9tvq 1e9txk 1ec1bz 1e9u1g
1ec1gn 1e9u6p 1e9u8m 1ec1md 1e9ufi
1ec1tr 1ec215 1e9ukt 1ec25a 1e9unv
1e9upk 1e9uqe 1e9utd 1e9uum 1e9uw2
1e9uxa 1e9uyc 1ec2e9 1e9v0y 1e9v2p
1ec2ih 1e9v7c 1e9v65 1e9v96 1e9val
1e9vbz 1ec2wt 1e9vfj 1e9vh3 1ec2ot
1e9vl1 1ec2ua 1e9vob 1e9vq1 1e9vra
1e9vt7 1e9vuw 1e9vwr 1e9vy1 1e9w00
1e9w1p 1e9w3e 1ec34j 1e9w7i 1e9w9l
1e9wbd 1e9wcz 1ec3dc 1ec3hd 1ec3lt
1e9wku 1e9wnv  1eby8j