Meet the Staff: Kerry

Brookline Staff | March 28, 2017

Have you ever wondered who all these people are who work at the library?
We have just the thing for you. Today it’s time to meet another member of the staff.

Name: Kerry

Position/Location: I’m a Reference Librarian at the Brookline Village location. I have also occasionally filled in at the Coolidge Corner branch, and worked for several months in the Children’s Room. I am currently leading the Mystery Book Discussion Group for the library. I help with several committees  in the library including the Staff Programming Committee, the Display Committee, and the Social Media Committee (drop me a line on Twitter, I love hearing from you guys!).

Personal biography: One way or another, I feel like my life has always involved books, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just wasn’t sure what form that would take until a few years ago. As a kid, I thought I would be a children’s author (when I wasn’t thinking I would be the first female president). Growing up, I loved reading and actually got in trouble regularly for reading at the dinner table. At Emerson College, I majored in writing, literature, and publishing. I wanted to work in marketing/publicity for a publishing house when I graduated. I ended up taking a job as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble, primarily in the Children’s Department. In 2010, after being inspired by a coworker, I decided to go back to graduate school to become a librarian. I was accepted at Simmons College in their dual degree program, so not only do I have a Master of Science in library and information science, but I also have a Master of Arts in children’s literature. Besides working here at the Public Library of Brookline, I’ve also worked at the Watertown and Haverhill public libraries. I firmly believe that having a genuine enthusiasm for the material you work with makes you better at your job.

I’m interested in: So many things! Literature-wise, I’m a fantasy nut. I love stories with magic where you learn the rules of the world as you read along (and, hopefully, where there are dragons). I read fiction for all ages. I read comics and graphic novels, too. I enjoy reading articles on a wide variety of subjects, such as history, art, politics, law, and science—especially space exploration, wildlife, and conservation. I should probably narrow down my fields of interest; then I might be able deepen my understanding of these subjects, but where’s the fun in that, right? I love board games, and I play way too much Pokemon Go. I enjoy traveling and exploring other parts of the world. I also like to find new things to explore in my own corner of the world, as well. I’m a big fan of visiting museums. I have extremely eclectic tastes in music and movies. I’m also a geek for theater, especially musicals.

What I’m reading/listening to right now: Currently on my plate is the Mystery Book Discussion Group book for this month: The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins. I’m also a few chapters into the third book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I’m about to start reading the sixth book in the Green Rider series, Firebrandby Kristen Britain, who I adore. Musically, I’m listening to a lot of pop lately, especially singer/songwriters like Adele and Gavin DeGraw and bands like X Ambassadors and Bastille. I’m dying to get my hands on the soundtrack to the new Broadway musical opening soon: Anastasia.

Fun fact: I collect nerdy coffee mugs or mugs from places that exist on TV like Central Perk from Friends and Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls. It’s pretty fun. My first one was a Yoda mug. The next one I’d like to add to my collection is a mug shaped like a Poke-Ball, and I’d like to find really cool ones from Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer universes.

Ask me about: Fantasy books. I could talk about them for hours. Or any books really. I love talking about my favorite picture book illustrators or what the next movie I want to see is. Another good thing to ask me about is my favorite place that I’ve traveled. I’m happy to talk about almost any of my interests!