Teen Summer Scratch Ticket Challenge

Robin Brenner | June 21, 2017

You could win a giant gummy bear just for checking titles out of the library! Make the most out of summer reading by participating in our teen Summer Reading Scratch Ticket Challenge.

Starts June 26 and runs through August 25th.

How does it work?

If you’re in 7th to 12th grade, every day when you check out any title from a Brookline library, you’ll get an instant-win scratch ticket.  There is no need to sign up: if you win a prize, you win instantly!  If you don’t win, fill out your information on the back of the ticket and you will be automatically entered in our grand prize drawing.

What kinds of prizes can I win?

You may win small prizes such as candy and J.P. Licks coupons, or larger prizes including $25 gift cards to Amazon, GameStop, or X-Box Live.  If you win a gift card, you’ll be able to choose which kind of card you want.  Our grand prize for our raffle will be a $50 gift card.

The prize board will be updated as items are won — check back to see what is won over the summer, and what you still may have a chance to win!

Check out the prizes below you might win just for checking out different items from our collection!

Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick

Star Wars

J. P. Licks Gift Certificates

Desk Lamp

Gift Cards Your choice!




Where do I get a ticket?

You can pick up a ticket from the Teen Room desk at the Main Library or from the Children’s Room Circulation Desk.

What if I’m away this summer?

You can still get tickets and just might win!  To get a scratch ticket even if you’re out of town, please visit this form and submit a short review for a title you’ve read, watched, or played this summer.  Must be at least fifty words to qualify for a ticket.  Once we’ve received your review, we’ll pull the next scratch ticket from the pile and let you know if you’re a winner.  We’ll keep any prizes won safe until each winner can come in and pick them up from your designated home library.

How old do I have to be?

To participate in our teen challenge, you must be entering 7th through 12th grades.

Are there any limits to the challenge?

In order to give everyone a fair chance, the following rules apply:

  • You must check items out to get a ticket, so be sure to keep your receipt or check out in the Children’s Room to pick up your chance to win.
  • You can only get one scratch ticket per day.  If you want more chances, visit the library as often as you can!
  • Any item counts toward a ticket.
  • Turn in your losing scratch ticket to be entered in our grand prize raffle – one chance per ticket.  Anyone who has won a small prize (candy or J. P. Licks) will also get one chance per ticket in the grand prize raffle. If you win a medium prize, we will not use that specific ticket in the drawing for the grand prize, but you can come back the next day for another chance.
  • If you win one of our medium prizes (gift cards, etc.), you will not be eligible to win a second prize at the same level to maximize everyone’s chances.  You will be eligible for our grand prize raffle.
  • You must live or go to school in Brookline and be going in to 7th through 12th grade to participate in our Teen Summer Reading Scratch Ticket Challenge.