Adult Summer Reading

Will Harlan | June 29, 2018

Summer reading is soon upon us! In addition to the activities happening for children and teens, the Public Library of Brookline will be holding two Adult Summer Reading activities: Summer Reading Bingo and Scratch Tickets/Raffle. Both of these activities will be held at the Brookline Village and Putterham Libraries. Sussman will not be participating this summer.

Adult summer reading will run from Monday July 2 until Friday August 31. Below you will find more information about each program.


Patrons can receive a BINGO card from either the Reference or Circulation desk. Present your bingo card when you check out and we’ll give you a sticker for the corresponding square.

Note: you can get one sticker per visit to the library (even if you are checking out books that correspond to multiple bingo squares). Additionally, you cannot use the same book for multiple squares.

If the book you are borrowing will give you bingo, you will receive your winning sticker and prize when you return the book in-person.

First-time bingo winners will receive a Public Library of Brookline tote bag. After your first Bingo, winners receive a piece of candy for each subsequent bingo.

Need assistance with finding books for your bingo card? Stop by the reference desk, a librarian would be glad to help.

Scratch Tickets & Raffle

Every time you check out a book, you can receive an instant-win scratch ticket. This is limited to one ticket per patron per day.  Scratch off a ticket to reveal a prize, then present it to circulation to immediately receive the revealed prize.

Prizes range from a piece of candy, to handmade bookmarks, to $5.00 Brookline Booksmith gift cards! Prizes cannot be exchanged.

Additionally, if you write down your name and email on the ticket you will be entered into our grand prize raffle. Two winners will be drawn at the end of the summer for $50 Brookline Booksmith Gift Cards.

Happy summer reading, everyone!