Thursday, March 10th 2022

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Read on for an update from the Library Director.

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Dear Library Community:

By now, I suspect that most of you have heard that the Town mask mandate ends on Saturday, March 12. In keeping with the actions of the Town, a vote of the Trustees, and the recommendations of the CDC, the Library will be lifting our mask mandate on Saturday, as well.

What does it mean for your visit to the library?
  • We will not require staff or patrons to wear masks in public areas.
  • Staff and patrons are allowed to wear masks when and where they choose.
  • The Library continues to recommend that staff and patrons wear masks while working in close quarters, such as offices or study rooms.
  • The Library will return to pre-pandemic rules regarding snacks and covered beverages.
  • Programs will remain remote through the end of March, and return to in person/hybrid in April. Programs take a long time to plan and have been scheduled to be remote for the next couple of weeks, we are excited to see you all in person on April 1!
  • Children’s programs will still have some capacity limits, as they did before the pandemic.
  • All participants ages 2 and up attending indoor Youth Services programs will be required to wear masks.
  • We will begin accepting public meeting room reservations, including program and conference rooms, through our website starting ON April 1 for any time after April 1. Please see our Meeting Room Policy for booking policies and procedures. All pianos will be tuned before April 1.
  • If COVID-related illnesses increase again, the Library Trustees will reserve the right to reinstate the mask mandate. As always, the health of the public and staff is a priority.
I want to thank all of our patrons for your kindness, patience, understanding, and cooperation as we soldiered through the pandemic together. We deeply appreciate you and look forward to seeing your smiling faces!

Sara F Slymon
Library Director
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