Saturday, January 16th 2021
Dear Patrons of the Public Library of Brookline,

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month since I wrote last. Some days it feels like a week, and some days it feels like a year.

The violence in the nation’s Capitol has been horrifying and frightening for everyone. The FBI warning afterwards that there was planned violence in all 50 state capitals was very alarming. As of this writing, the Boston office of the FBI has indicated that there are no credible threats for the greater Boston area during the time between January 16 and January 20. We are therefore confident that there will be no impact to library services. However, should there be any violence in the area, we will respond accordingly. The staff, administration, and Board of the Library are hopeful that January 21 will be the beginning of a new era for this country, where we can move away from the violence of the last few years.

On Tuesday, January 19 the Library will tweak its service model once again in response to the surging numbers of COVID-19 cases in the state. We will maintain the same offerings, and the same hours, but we will no longer be greeting patrons face to face. Instead, we have installed an intercom system at all three locations. When you arrive, simply press the talk button to let us know you are at the library; a staff member will answer you as soon as they can. At that time, please offer your name, and what you are picking up (book, museum pass, etc.), and the staff member will retrieve it for you. When it is ready, they will call your name through the intercom, and you can open the door to grab your items. There will be large, clear signage explaining the new system at each location. We are still available for more detailed help through phone, chat and email.

At this time Cambridge, Lexington, Dover, and Lincoln are all completely closed due to COVID. This may impact items you have placed holds on, as those libraries are not sending any materials out in delivery.

I am pleased to announce that the Minuteman Library Network is one of the 50 highest borrowers of Overdrive ebooks and audiobooks in the world. Please see Minuteman Executive Director Phil McNulty’s press release here.

As always, I want to thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we endure the pandemic together as a community. We appreciate your continued support and understanding, and look forward to throwing wide the doors again when the pandemic subsides.

Sara Slymon
Library Director

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