Artist-in-Residence Program


Groundlock, 2015 – Translucent vinyl on windows. Boston Center for the Arts, Mills Gallery. Feelers: 24th Annual Drawing Show


Liz Nofziger was chosen as the inaugural Public Library of Brookline Artist-in-Residence. This program was generously funded by the Friends of the Brookline Library.

For the Brookline Library AIR program, Liz Nofziger proposed a project titled Library Study, which radically experimented with the many systems, spaces, and structures the Public Library of Brookline has to offer. Beginning with observation, research, and development, she Library systems as a starting point to create a series of interventions that included light, sculpture, and sound installations into the Library’s public spaces. Ranging from minuscule to massive in scope and scale, these interventions urged new personal experiences that both subtly and overtly influenced, enhanced, and shifted patrons’ experiences of knowing and loving libraries.

Liz will was in residence at the Brookline Village Library from June through November, 2016.

Liz kept a blog of her research and process as the project moved along.