CC Building Project

The objective of this web page is to keep the community informed and involved in the progress of the CCBP.

The presentation from Schwartz/Silver Architects at the January, 2016 meeting can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who took our survey – we value your input! Even though the survey is now closed, we still want to hear from Coolidge Corner Library users. Email with your thoughts; the email will be checked regularly, but time will not allow responses to all emails. A location at the Coolidge Corner Library has also been established to collect information from library users.

View Library Director Sara Slymon’s presentation on what’s happening now in libraries.

Read this interesting piece about NYC’s branch libraries.

View images from the CCBP Focus Group held February 5, 2015:



oThe Coolidge Corner Library is located in the heart of Coolidge Corner. It has long been the busiest branch library in the state. Due to the heavy usage and age of the building, it can no longer fully meet the needs of the community it serves. Over the last couple of years, the Children’s Room has been slightly expanded and updated and new bathrooms were created from an underutilized custodial closet. The meeting room is heavily used but not fully handicap accessible.

As the Trustees and Library Director began investigating the current and future needs of CCBL, a decision was made to research the possibility of an overhaul to the library. In November, 2014 Town Meeting voted $50,000 to fund further investigation for CCBL improvements. In June, 2014 Sara Slymon was hired as the new Library Director for Brookline. Sara brings a wealth of experience in construction projects from her tenure at the Boston Public Library, and the Turner Free Library.

Building Program

In 2014, the Brookline Library Foundation funded a consultant to write a CCBP. A Building Program is a carefully-prepared document used to communicate details about the library and its space requirements to future architects, engineers and builders. The building program is rooted in the library’s long-range plan. It is based on the community’s twenty-year projected population and its demography, social trends, and economic factors. It analyzes the current library building conditions and provides information about space requirements that must be met effectively in the facility’s design in order to deliver the level of library and information services outlined in the long-range plan for two decades into the future. The completed Building program is available here (appendices). Paper copies can be checked out at the Coolidge Corner Library.

Here is a link to one of the community meetings last winter:

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Ruth Kowal – Building Program Consultant

Consultant Ruth E. Kowal has been involved with libraries since she first worked during high school as a shelving page at the Jones Library in Amherst, MA. Her 40-year career has focused primarily on senior level administration of public libraries and library systems in Massachusetts and in New York State. Ms Kowal retired in 2011 after working 20 years for the Boston Public Library (BPL). During her tenure at the BPL she served as the Director of Operations, Deputy Director, the Acting Library President, and as the Director of Administration and Finance. In 2008, Ms. Kowal was inducted into the MLA (MA Library Association) Hall of Fame for her contributions to the library profession in the Commonwealth. Since 2012, Ms. Kowal has been providing strategic planning and assessment consulting services to libraries. She attended Syracuse University for undergrad and Simmons College for Graduate School.

Feasibility Study

The Town of Brookline has hired Schwartz Silver Architects to complete a feasibility study for the Coolidge Corner library. Schwartz Silver has a wealth of experience, and are local to Brookline. They have worked extensively with libraries.

The study is funded by a $50,000 appropriation from Town Meeting.

The study will focus on 4 different possibilities: renovation of the current building within the current envelope, addition to and renovation of the current building, removal of the current building with a new building constructed in the same location, and a new building in a new location within the Coolidge Corner neighborhood. The results will be made available in February of 2016, and will serve as a guidepost for further discussion of the project.

Here is the link to the presentation made at the Nov 2, 2015 Community Meeting by AIA Angela Hyatt from Schwartz Silver Architects:

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What’s next?

Stay tuned to this webpage and share your ideas via community response email