All staff-run children's programs at the Coolidge Corner Library are cancelled through Sunday, March 3 and will resume on Monday, March 4. Check our events calendar for up-to-date information on other scheduled programs.

Room Request Form

Please review our Meeting Room Policy before placing a request.

Basic Event Information

Event Description for Public Calendar

Please type below a description of your event to be posted on our public calendar.

Do not enter questions, notes on equipment, or room set up instructions here -- instead, please use the Private Message to Calendar Editor field below to send in that information.

If you have a link to an outside website, for example for performer information or ticketing, please include it here.

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Private Message to Calendar Editor

Please include any notes about room set up below. Equipment requests can be made below in the Venue and Room section once you select the room you wish to reserve.

If you need a room for more than 4 hours, include an explanation here. If the longer booking is approved, be aware your fee will reflect an increase at least equal to the initial fee.

Contact Information

Set up and break down time

Your booking on the calendar should be for the length of your event. If you will need extra time to set up or break down the room you are requesting, please indicate how much time you need before and after your event here. Do not include this time when you select your event time/date.

Venue and Room Information

Select a venue to select an available time and see available room setup options and equipment.

Use the calendar below to pick a time that is not already booked. Please specify the time required for only the event itself. Setup and breakdown time will be noted later in this form.

A/V Equipment Training

Your group

Tell us more about you as the host of this event, your purpose for your event, and your expected attendance.

Fee Schedule

If you are a 501c3, you must fax a letter to 617-730-2160.

If you need a room for more than 4 hours, include an explanation in the "Private Message to the Calendar Editor" field. If the longer booking is approved, your fee will reflect an increase at least equal to the initial fee.

Make sure you enter the correct fee for your event, contact/billing name and address, or we will reject the event.

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