Tool Certification Request

Ready to borrow of of the ideaSPACE's tools? We're so excited! To help keep you and our equipment safe, some of our tools require a quick Certification Session to go over the basics.
  • Please note:
    • This form is to schedule a one-on-one ideaSPACE Certification Session at the Brookline Village Library. Certification Sessions usually take about 15 minutes.
    • ideaSPACE Tools require a valid Minuteman Library Card for certification and checkout. Please bring your Library Card to your appointment.
    • Your Certification session will cover basic safety procedures for using our equipment and may require signing a waiver. We cannot offer one-on-one instruction in software or skills during these sessions, but we're always happy to recommend our favorite resources!
  • Please indicate what days you are available to meet.
  • What time of day are you generally available to meet?
  • Please describe what we can help you with, who will attend the meeting, or anything else you'd like to let us know.