We're excited to announce Coolidge Corner Library will reopen on Sunday, December 2. Additionally, Putterham Library has returned to its regular hours.

For Parents and Educators

Kids Room Guidelines/Etiquette

Read, play quietly, have fun, and please:

  • Stay close to your children 8 years old and under
  • Use soft voices so others can work
  • Walk slowly (with your shoes on)
  • If you feel like running or making noise, consider an outside break.
  • Play with board books in the red and/or green bins.
  • Books on the shelves are for reading…just a few at a time.
  • Ask a librarian for toys, paper, and crayons, and bring them back when you’re done

Clean up!

  • Coolidge Corner:
    • Books go on the clean-up cart
    • Toys go in their bag or box
    • Crayons go in containers
    • Paper scraps go in recycling
    • Trash goes in the waste basket
  • Brookline Village
    • Books go on the tables
    • Toys go back to the desk
    • Crayons go back to the desk
    • Paper scraps go in recycling
    • Trash goes in the waste basket

Explore Online

View our fun sites for kids page here!

Community Connections

Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP)
BEEP offers 22 classes throughout the town and serves children with a range of developmental levels and from diverse cultural backgrounds. There are 20 inclusive models and two specialized programs. BEEP Preschool programs are one year models that serve children ages 2.6- 3.2 and BEEP Pre-kindergarten programs are two year programs and serve children ages 3-5.

Brookline Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP)
PCHP is a two-year home visiting, risk prevention program for low-to-moderate income, culturally diverse families with young children living in Brookline.

Brookline Recreation Department
Official Town of Brookline Recreation Department page.

Women and Girls Thriving in Brookline (Thriving)
Thriving is a “Collective Impact” initiative engaging over 50 organizations and 150 citizens to expand and create learning, participation, community and leadership opportunities for women and girls with limited income, building on the resiliency and strengths of the whole community.

MediaGirls is a Boston-based nonprofit that helps girls strike back against the media message that their worth is based on how “hot” they are. Girls are given the skills to critique media messaging, and distribute content that lifts up girls and women. Participants’ work is published on the blog, and blasted it into the world via social media.

Brookline Moms
Brookline Moms is an electronic meeting place for parents, especially new moms and mothers of infants.

Interested in scheduling a visit for your class?