Contactless Pickup FAQs

Materials Circulation Questions:

  • I ordered a craft kit, how can I pick that up? We need to know what craft kit you reserved and how many so we can get them for you. Please tell the staff member you speak to at the Library if you have reserved a craft kit and want to pick it up. 
  • Can I get a museum pass? We are not offering museum passes at this time, please keep an eye on our website for news.
  • Are magazines/newspapers available for pickup? We are not able to reserve specific magazines or newspapers.  We will update the public if that becomes possible.  
  • What is available from the Library of ThingsWiFi hotspots are available to check out, but at this time, cake pans, ROKUs, etc are not available.  Most of these items are too difficult to sanitize to loan during COVID.


  • I only want some of my books at this pick up. Can you only give me X books? No, but if you don’t want to take some of the items home, just put them back in the book drop. We are not currently charging late fees, and all due dates have been extended until November 2.  We are also being very liberal in our renewal policy.  These are unprecedented times, and we want to be helpful.
  • What do I do with books I pick up that I don’t want to take home with me? Just pop them in the book drop!
  • Some of my items that are listed as ready for pickup are not in what I was given, where are they? Things are still a little backed up in the library, and it can be confusing to find things.  It is possible we simply couldn’t find your item.  We will do our best to locate it and include it in a future pickup. 

Contactless Pickup Logistics

  • Where do I go to pick up my materials?
    • At Brookline Village, go to the Library entrance closest to Town Hall. 
    • At Coolidge Corner and Putterham, go to the main entrance.
  • missed my appointment, back when you were still doing appointments. Are my items still available for pickup? We’ll keep your items on hold for you for 2 weeks after your missed appointment. If you haven’t picked them up by the end of the 2 weeks, we’ll check the items back in and clear your hold. 
  • I have holds at X library ready for pickup can they be sent to Y library for pick up instead? No, we do not have the ability to do that.  You may cancel your holds, and place them again for pickup at your preferred location.
  • My ready for pickup notice says I have until X date, but I can’t pick them up until after the hold date, what can I do? At this time, we are not yet clearing anyone’s holds.  Stop by the Library, your materials will be there! Note: In September we will likely clear holds from before July.
  • My holds have been made available over several days this week. Do I need to pick materials up each time I receive a hold notification? No, all holds that are available for you will be checked out to you. There is no need to make multiple trips.
  • I use The RIDE for transportation, and I’m not sure I can make it to the Library within an hour time slot. We’re no longer scheduling appointments, so come during any of our limited hours and we’ll get your materials for you! 
  • I’m homebound / quarantined / have limited mobility. How can I get library materials? Mutual Aid Brookline can help with contactless deliveries of Library materials from Putterham on Mondays, Coolidge Corner on Tuesdays, and Brookline Village on Wednesdays. Read their library delivery FAQs here to learn more! 


  • My account says I have X items checked out but I returned X to the book return yesterday and they are still on my account. COVID-19 can be transferred on paper for up to 4 days, and on plastic for up to 6 days.  For safety reasons, we are quarantining all returns for at least 7 days.  When we check them in they will be backdated, and no fines will accrue.
  • I returned an item to the book return slot and discovered that I still have part of it at home, what do I do? Please return whatever part you forgot in the book drop.  Please put it inside something to protect it, a padded mailer, a CD jewel case, a box….

Book Sale

  • Are you accepting donationsWe are not currently accepting donations.  Keep an eye on our website/social media for updates.
  • How do I pay for these book sale items? Please place money in an envelope (available near sale items) and put the envelopes through the book drops.  Please do not lick the envelopes!
  • Do you accept credit cards, VENMO, PayPal, or other forms of payment? Cash or checks are accepted.  If you do not have cash or check on you, you can drop it off at your convenience.  We trust you!
  • Can you make change? We cannot.


  • Is the library open? We apologize for any misunderstanding, but the libraries are not open to the public yet.
  • May we use the library’s restroom? At this time, we are not allowing the public in the building.
    Access to public restrooms in the area remains extremely limited; we recommend patrons try local restaurants and retail outlets.  Some public buildings, like the Police Station, are also closed. Town Hall may have public restrooms available. 
  • When will the libraries be open to the public? We are not sure, we are following the guidance of the Town Health Commissioner.  
  • Are people required to wear masks/social distance when picking up materials? Yes. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, Mutual Aid Brookline can help with contactless deliveries of Library materials from Putterham on Mondays, Coolidge Corner on Tuesdays, and Brookline Village on Wednesdays. Read their library delivery FAQs here to learn more!