3D Printing Request

  • Please read our full 3D Printing Services Policy before you send in designs for printing. Once you're ready, submit the following to request a 3D print.
  • Please enter your 14 digit library barcode number here.
  • Quality

    If you would like to see examples of different printing resolutions, please email us at brkanswers@brooklinelibrary.libanswers.com or come in to the Brookline Village Library.
  • Infill

    If you select either 50% or 100% infill, we will contact you with the details about how much the variation in infill alters the cost and time of your print so you can decide if you want to proceed with that density.
  • Color

    These are the colors we currently have available (subject to change based on supply).
  • Please note

    At this time we can only accept links to designs hosted on 3D printing sites like Tinkercad, Thingiverse, Cults, Yeggi, and MyMiniFactory.

    We cannot accept files sent via file sharing sites like Google Drive or Dropbox due to security restrictions.

  • Please provide us with the link to your 3D Printable design. Remember to make all designs shared publicly so that we may download the design for printing.
    We cannot guarantee that we will print your design when you will be available to see how the printing works. However, if you'd like to be notified when we're starting to print your job, please check this box!
  • By filling out this form, you are agreeing to the policy terms and to pay the cost for materials as determined according to our 3D Printing Services Policy.

    Items not picked up within 14 days after being printed become the property of the Public Library of Brookline and the cost of the print will be added to the patron’s record.

    Disclaimer: Neither the Library nor the Town is responsible for any object created with the use of the equipment, including any harm or injury incurred as a result of the any usage of the equipment.

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