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Interested in exhibiting your work at the Public Library of Brookline? Review our Art Exhibition Policy and read about the specifics of exhibiting at the Main Library, the Coolidge Corner branch or the Putterham branch.

Main Library (361 Washington St., Brookline) Exhibit Areas

First floor:

  • Foundation Case — located in the west entrance foyer near School St.
  • Emery & Lobby Cases — in the main lobby across from the new nonfiction books.
  • Brookline 300th Display Case — in the Reference Room

Children's Room:

  • at the entrance
  • across from the Circulation Desk
  • all around the room.

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall — located on the second floor

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall is open up to 30 minutes before closing as long as the hall is not is use. For scheduled programs and events, click on Calendar in the upper right-hand corner of our web page at brooklinelibrary.org. If the track lights are off when you arrive, the (labelled) switches are just inside the door to your right.

Artistic Migration: Brookline Arts Center’s Community Public Art Project
• Workshop: Saturday, Sept. 26, 12-2 PM at Coolidge Corner branch library

Sep 8, 2015-Nov 1, 2015


The Main Library is hosting an exhibit (first floor cases) in conjunction with the Brookline Arts Center’s “Artistic Migration: Community Public Art Project” to culminate the Center’s 50th Anniversary. Working with the BAC, sculptor Frank Criscione developed a project to engage the Brookline Community, of all ages, in creating, sharing and experiencing the process of developing a large, public sculpture. The BAC suggested ‘Bird’ as a theme - expressing hope, beauty and community.

Criscione imagined a piece that would feel at home and comfortably out of place in a public space; something dynamic and a bit obtrusive to engage and excite the community. Criscione's six foot tall sculpture is reminiscent of ‘bird-ness’ rather than a realistic expression. This simplified expression of form is accented by its exposed building method of wood blocks dyed in a variety of colors. After its components are dyed by members of the community during multiple workshops, Criscione's 'Bird' will migrate to three different locations in Brookline.

Join us at the Coolidge Corner Branch Library on Saturday, Sept. 26 from noon-2 p.m. for the first of many opportunities to participate in its creation! Open to all ages.

For more information, please visit the Artistic Migration page on the BAC’s website.

Photographs by Juergen Roth: “Boston on the Rise”

Sep 15, 2015-Nov 1, 2015
Main Library, Second Floor: The Gallery in Hunneman Hall


Viewings: Tuesday, Sept. 22 & Thursday, Oct. 29: 6-8:30 p.m.

Reception: Saturday, Oct. 10: 2-4 p.m.

"Boston on the Rise" presents a stunning collection of carefully curated Boston photographic images from Brookline-based, award-winning photographer, Juergen Roth. The exhibition is on display at Brookline's Main Library in Hunneman Hall from September 15th until November 1st, 2015. A reception will be held on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. The show is part of Roth’s ongoing quest to capture Boston in its best light. His photographs throw the spotlight on the city’s often overlooked or taken for granted modern and historic neighborhoods, iconic skylines, and remarkable architecture. Through his lens and never-ending exploration, surprising and creative images allow the viewer to connect to the unique experience that is Boston.

Our Stories photo exhibit

Sep 24, 2015-Nov 30, 2015
Coolidge Corner branch library


From now through the end of November, the Public Library of Brookline’s Coolidge Corner branch will display “Our Stories,” a collection of photographs and stories about the deinstitutionalization movement – which moved individuals with developmental disabilities out of crowded, poorly run institutions – as told by those who lived it. Focusing on the lives of adults living with intellectual and physical disabilities, “Our Stories” was created by Brookline-based MAB Community Services and photographer Meg Landers. For more information about “Our Stories,” visit http://www.mabcommunity.org/ads/news-events/our-stories.html.

ABOUT MAB: Founded as the Massachusetts Association for the Blind, MAB has been creating opportunities for people with disabilities since 1903. Our experience allows us to forge strong community partnerships to meet the pressing need for high quality services and transform lives. www.mabcommunity.org.