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How to Exhibit in the Main Library

Main Library (361 Washington St., Brookline) Exhibit Areas

First floor:

  • Foundation Case — located in the west entrance foyer near School St.
  • Emery & Lobby Cases — in the main lobby across from the new nonfiction books.
  • Brookline 300th Display Case — in the Reference Room

Children's Room:

  • at the entrance
  • across from the Circulation Desk
  • all around the room.

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall — located on the second floor

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall is open up to 30 minutes before closing as long as the hall is not is use. For scheduled programs and events, click on Calendar in the upper right-hand corner of our web page at brooklinelibrary.org. If the track lights are off when you arrive, the (labelled) switches are just inside the door to your right.

Asian Americans in Brookline - Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Exhibit

Apr 23, 2015-Jun 26, 2015
Main Library, First Floor: Emery, Lobby, and Foundation Cases

Curator: Chris Chanyasulkit

The Brookline Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations and the Brookline Asian American Family Network celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month (May) with an exhibit at the Brookline Main Library. Items of significance to Asian American Brookline residents are on display in an effort to recognize the culture and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islanders within our town. Please check back as items will rotate throughout the month of May and June. Please contact Chris Chanyasulkit at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information or questions.

Brookline Artists’ Open Studios Art Show

Apr 25, 2015-Jun 15, 2015
Main Library, Second Floor: Hunneman Hall

Curator: Karen Stern

Extended show through June 15, 2015

Stop by to see the work of these five artists on view through June 15 in Hunneman Hall at the Main Library: Gulnara Niaz Gross (photography), Aaron Seidman (digital, drawing, photography, printmaking, watercolor), Karen Stern (fiber/textile, oil painting, watercolor), Patricia Timothy (acrylic painting) and Elissa Yanover (collage, oil painting).


Karen Stern (curator) - Although I am usually an abstract painter, this series embraces a return towards more representational art. Many of my “abstractionist” tendencies carried over into this new body of work; the vibrant colors and depth of space is still prevalent, but recognizable imagery helps bring accessibility to these abstract landscapes.


Gulnara Niaz - Gulnara is a visual artist, designer and photographer. What follows is a description of her photograph. "I met this beautiful women at the TEDxBeaconStreet Conference 2014. I was captivated by the amazing designs that she had drawn on a Starbuck's cup. (Seen on her wrist and ankle in this photograph.) I couldn't help myself, asked her to be my subject, and that I had a vision of how I would love to photograph her. Later I met with the incredibly talented Rebecca Loechler; we understand each other so well. I described my vision to her and she knew exactly what I wanted. She then drew the pictured (and perfect) 5x5' canvas backdrop for my photo shoot. Thank you, Ladies. It was a fulfilling project."


Patricia Timothy - I have been a watercolor portrait artist for seven years. Suddenly I began working on acrylic abstracts about something personal. Six abstracts are displayed in this exhibit. Also, I am exhibiting "Stepping Lightly" at Town Hall Walls.


Aaron Seidman - Aaron studied art as a young man, and, inspired by Pyle, Rockwell and Wyeth, hoped to become an illustrator. Unfortunately this was just at the time that magazines were turning more and more to photography, so he decided to earn his living by other means while still pursuing his artistic interests. While creating software for Digital Equipment Company, he continued to draw, paint, sculpt and learned to use a variety of printmaking techniques, including etching, lithography, wood block, and digital compositions. His exhibition at this year's Open Studios, focused on three areas: Faces, Photos, and Fantasies. During the course of his extended exhibition, he'll include some of this work and more.


Elissa Yanover - I enjoy capturing the first impression I get of a subject. Then I keep observing more and more detail while trying to retain the freshness of that first exciting image. Composition and color are as important as subject matter to me.

Green Rooftops

May 1, 2015-May 31, 2015
Putterham branch library


Karen Weber from Boston Greenfest has created an informative display about green rooftops in the Boston area; where they are located, how they are made, and how they contribute to a healthier and happier environment.