Starting July 8 parking at Brookline Village will be limited due to the Pierce School construction.

Please note: The Brookline Village Library will be closed on Sundays from June 16 to September 1.

Visiting the Library

All three Public Library of Brookline locations have spaces designed especially for children. You can find hours of operation for each location on our website.


Brookline Village

The Brookline Village Library features a spacious children’s room on the ground floor. The children’s room has more than just books for kids of all ages. There is a play area featuring age-appropriate toys and our library snake! In the warmer months, the children’s garden just outside the children’s room is a great place to play and read. We also have a variety of in-room activities including scavenger hunts, computers and tablets, coloring materials, games and puzzles, a question of the week, and our dollhouse. The Brookline Village Children’s Room features ample table space and has a designated stroller parking area.

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Coolidge Corner

The Coolidge Corner Library is home to a brightly-lit children’s room with books and activities galore. Simply ask at the children’s desk for access to coloring materials, board games, puzzles, and toys. A comprehensive collection of books for children as well as fine-motor panels on our walls make for the perfect environment for young patrons. You’ll also find scavenger hunts, computers, tablets, and curated book displays.

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The Putterham Library’s children’s collections feature a playhouse, places to sit and read, and lots of natural light. Unlike our other libraries, the children’s room is not separate from other areas of the library, so we may ask patrons to watch their volume more than our other children’s rooms. Activities like coloring, board games, puzzles, tablets, and our scavenger hunt can be acquired at the desk.

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