Events & Activities

December 16th 10:00am

Star Wars Marathon – The Original Trilogy

Brookline Village - Hunneman Hall

Join us for a movie marathon of the original Star Wars trilogy. 10:00 AM – Episode IV: A ...

December 17th 1:00pm

Holiday Season Student Recital

Coolidge Corner - Meeting Room

Student recital for flute and piano, program including holiday favorites ...

December 18th 4:00pm

Piano Recital

Brookline Village - Hunneman Hall




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By Maddi Ranieri



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Meet the Teen Librarian

Robin Brenner

I have been working with teens as a librarian for over fifteen years (and I love it). I read anything and everything, but my taste tends toward speculative science fiction and fantasy. Engaging nonfiction, clever pacing, beautiful language, and a smart sense of humor will catch my attention. All kinds of storytelling — television, film, comics, prose, audio — are appealing and I’m just as likely to gush about TV as I am a book series. I am known around the library for my elaborate shoes. I work with fellow teen librarians nationally in the Young Adult Library Services Association (aka YALSA) creating book lists, selecting award winners, and advocating for teens and teen literature. I am also a national expert on comics and graphic novels (and I wrote a book on Japanese comics, or manga).