Melting Into the World

All Current Exhibits  August 16, 2021

Landscape Paintings by Diana Stelin

Coolidge Corner Library: Wall Gallery

On view September and October 2021

Brookline resident Diana Stelin is an award-winning landscape artist, educator, author, and fashion designer. Her pieces are featured in dozens of private and corporate collections. Her teaching art studio, The Plein-Air Art Academy, received a Best of Boston award for art classes for kids, and is going strong even in today’s online environment.

Stelin focuses exclusively on landscapes, on memorable places that one dissolves into by spending more than a passing second snapping a photo. She expertly catches that moment when viewers allow themselves to truly melt into the surroundings. Her technique is a dance between realistic and abstract landscapes, between watercolor and oil techniques. She begins with a watercolor in plein-air, then translates the drawing to canvas, employing an impasto technique of oils mixed with cold wax; to finish, she sometimes adds authentic gold leaf and 3D sculptural elements to the now-abstract landscape.

To learn more, please visit; contact the artist by phone at (617) 407-3858 or by email at