The Writing of Jack Curtis

All Current Exhibits  November 24, 2021

The Emery Case display presents the recent work of freelance writer Jack Curtis in Art New England, a contemporary art and culture magazine. His report, “Re-thinking, Re-telling, Re-installing” (Art New England, November/December 2021) marks the 60th anniversary of Brandeis University’s Rose Art Gallery and surveys “re: collections,” the Rose’s innovative exhibition that displays canonical artists alongside emerging and historically underrepresented artists.

Curtis focuses his writing on history, art history and on socio-political and literary themes. His features, essays, and reviews have also appeared in publications such as the Boston Globe, Harvard magazine, Technology Review, and the Los Angeles Times. He served for six years on the Brookline Commission for the Arts and currently serves on the town’s MLK Day Celebration Committee

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Photo Credit: Joyce Shan

Special Thanks: Sarah Collier