Welcome Blanket Project

All Current Exhibits  December 13, 2021
stack of handmade blankets

Welcome Blanket is a national craftivist project conceived by Jayna Zweiman, the co-creator of the Pussyhat Project. It reconceptualizes Trump’s 2,000-mile concrete border wall into 2,000 miles of yarn knitted into blankets for new immigrants and refugees to the U.S. Participants knit/crochet/quilt/sew blankets and write their family’s own immigration stories, with words of welcome in accompanying notes. The blankets (over 6,000 thus far) are displayed in the community and then distributed through 30+ resettlement agencies.

In 2017, Hadassah Margolis formed Welcome Blanket Brookline, where community members could come together, create, and talk about immigration. The group met initially at the Coolidge Corner Library. Welcome Blanket Brookline now has 200 members and meets monthly, either in person (at the Senior Center) or on Zoom. For more information or to join, email Hadassah Margolis at media@welcomeblanket.org.