Art by Juliet Lockwood

All Current Exhibits  December 15, 2021

Juliet Lockwood studied painting at MassArt, graduated in 1986, and moved to San Francisco. She has had several careers under the greater title “artist.”
Drawing was not always a focus; as a painter, she used her brushes to find her art consulting business, coach her decorative art crew, and advise administrators.

Juliet’s creative place-making led her to Louisiana, where urban planning was a collaborative response to the economic development needs of a cultural district. Juliet’s contribution as a designer and grant writer was adding murals to a traffic-calming initiative in Mid City and advising a team of artists to implement them. Before leaving Louisiana, Juliet was an artist in residence at Baton Rouge General Medical Center. Her community-building continues to draw her towards the “art curious.” She now draws with a group of women as the instructor/catalyst to her “Salon de Corona.”