Hanbok from My Name Is Kimchi

All Current Exhibits  February 1, 2022
hanbok display

Kimchi – spicy, salty, and delicious fermented vegetables of all kinds – is a staple food in Korea. More and more people around the world are discovering kimchi, and it is quickly becoming one of the world’s favorite foods. What if, one day, a Korean-American family living in Brookline came across an American family calling out and looking for “Kimchi” at Halls Pond Sanctuary? How did a cute puppy come to have such a name? Based on a true story that took place here in Brookline, Cori Ahn’s children’s book, My Name is Kimchi, is a delightful story of two cultures, food, and friendship surrounding the dog named Kimchi.

Hanbok is a traditional costume in Korea. People enjoy wearing hanbok on special occasions and holidays. In My Name is Kimchi, the Korean family and their puppy wear hanbok to celebrate the first birthday of the youngest child of the family – the dol celebration. The hanbok in this display is called saekdong (many-colored stripes patched together), which symbolizes harmony and babies. Young children wear it for good luck, especially on their very first birthdays!

For more information, or to purchase My Name is Kimchi in Korean, please email Cori Ahn at libkstorytime@gmail.com.