Shared Habitat Earth

All Current Exhibits  March 28, 2022

The effects of climate change are becoming ever more alarmingly clear. We are now seeing dramatic weather events all over the world, with disastrous consequences. Humanity, together with all living things, finds itself in grave danger. 

Art can invite empathy and hope. It can keep us from becoming numb and from passively enduring what looks inevitable–and it can help us live up to our humanity by doing our part. 

Shared Habitat Earth (SHE) is an exhibit series uniting more than 40 artists in and around Boston. It celebrates cross species respect, intercultural solidarity, and a shared sense of responsibility. Through painting, sculpture, fiber art, and photography, the artists of this exhibition dramatize the tension between what humanity has enjoyed for thousands of years, and what will be left if we don’t act now. 

The artists with work on view at the Coolidge Corner Library are Agusta Agustsson, June August, Helen Canetta, Olivia Fischer Cox, Becky Kisabeth Gibbs, Bette Ann Libby, Preetha Mahadevan, Rebecca McGee Tuck, and Nora Charney Rosenbaum.

The artists appeared alongside representatives from local environmental organizations for a virtual panel on art and activism in April. Watch the recording of the event on our YouTube channel.

More information about the exhibit series, including a full list of dates and venues, is available on the SHE website.