Portraits and Voices of the African American Golf Experience

All Current Exhibits  May 2, 2022

The African American golf experience underwent dramatic changes during the decades before and after the Civil Rights era. During the significant period of social change, men and women played golf on courses across the country in leagues and tournaments that were open to all competitors. Included in this exhibit, A Passion for the Game, are images and personal reflections of players that provide a perspective of their experiences. For the pioneers of the African American golf experience, it was their passion for the game that compelled them to play with courage and dignity despite adversity.

The portraits contained in this exhibit were chosen to highlight the African American golf experience by featuring the work of esteemed photographer Michael Faye. Faye has a unique ability to capture the passion, intensity and personality of the players through refined black-and-white portraits, with a stark minimalistic touch that reflects the tone of the subject matter. Faye’s photographs were featured and published in a limited-edition book, PAR (2010), which was conceived by Dan Levinson and Robert Fernandez. James Black is featured in this portrait. A Passion for the Game is on view in The Gallery in Hunneman Hall, second floor, through June 30.

About the USGA Golf Museum and Library

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Be sure to visit the Golf in Brookline Exhibit on the first floor. Our Special Collections teamed up with the USGA Golf Museum and Library to commemorate the U.S. Open this year and in years gone by.

Special thanks to Rosemary Maravetz, the Curator of Collections, USGA Golf Museum and Library, who sent us this exhibit; Chris Valle who installed it; and former Library Director Sara Slymon who facilitated it.