Art by Kitt & Mia

All Current Exhibits  May 19, 2022

About the artists

Kitt: I am in 9th grade At Brookline High School, and I love making art!
Some of these projects were for my current freshman year art elective class .
The first piece with two bears is a color pencil drawing which took about two weeks to complete. The focus was on perspective and realism.
The second artwork is a print of my initials KB in different fonts, and was printed twice (in navy blue, and rotated in white ink).
The third work is an abstract portrait painting. I closed my eyes and drew myself with one line.then i printed it three times, and painted it in related color, and complementary colors in the overlaps.
The last piece is a watercolor portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. I outlined different shadows and went over it with black and white.
Mia: I am a 12 year-old girl who goes to Baker School,and is inspired by important causes and people. For example, I created the picture of Harriet Tubman because I am really motivated by her, and how she persevered no matter what.
Another example is my mosaic which represents the trash in the ocean , and how it hurts animals.I specifically included a turtle because, before Covid-19 started, I went to jekyll Island and saw baby sea turtles hatch and crawl to the ocean. Since then, I have been doing research on how to help turtles, as they are hurt by humans in so many ways.
I love art so much because it gives me a way to show I am, and what I think about certain things, through a different perspective.