Pandemic Feelings: The First Six Months

All Current Exhibits  June 2, 2022

Anne Robertson, a Brookline resident, focused on visual art for the first time after she retired from a long career as a child and family psychologist. In retirement, she became a volunteer Gallery Instructor at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, giving interactive tours to school groups and took her first art-making classes since seventh grade. She has especially enjoyed making prints, the medium used in the exhibit on view, “Pandemic Feelings: The First Six Months.”

The 10 images in the “Pandemic Feelings” series were made in August, 2020, and are the artist’s visual representations of some of the feelings she and her friends had during those early months of the pandemic. Believing strongly in art’s power to communicate, Robertson hopes that looking at these images will encourage viewers to consider some of the feelings they experienced both early in the pandemic and now. Viewers might ask themselves questions such as, “Do the prints remind you of any emotions you had during the first six months?” and “Have your pandemic feelings changed since then?”