Nature is Calling

All Current Exhibits  June 30, 2022

“From the mountains, minerals, forests and coastline of my New England childhood I traveled the next twenty years to the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and India. Beneath the same sky I have observed the natural surrounding and their textures. The ground I walk on, the bark of a tree or the delicate veins of seaweed are all challenges to my artistic skill.

“When you live and work in spaces of biophilic design your brain can function in a calm productive state. These works are from my larger series Animals, Botanicals and Minerals, magnifications of tiny spaces in nature.

“I explore in ever widening rings from where I am, I am a witness to that time, that place. I want to see a very small phenomenon grow mighty and beautiful.”

Nature is Calling is on view in Hunneman Hall. Take the elevator to the second floor.

Amy R. Roberts

Image: Life at Red Rock II