Angela and Batsheva’s Collections

All Current Exhibits  July 7, 2022
Display of small craft projects with a hand-written sign that reads "Hi, I am Angela, I am 7 years old and I go to school at Pierce. This is my collection of different artwork that I have created. There is Legos, Model Magic, and some arts and crafts."

Check out the new collections on display in the Children’s Room!

In our flat case, Angela shares her collection of artwork. This collection includes LEGO structures, Model Magic, and other craft projects! Angela is 7 years old and attends Pierce School.

Display case of craft projects, including painted shells, LEGO sculptures, and Model Magic

In our wall case, Batsheva shares her collection of sewing projects. Batsheva enjoys hand sewing and machine sewing, and she created these projects at Hipstitch! Batsheva is going into 3rd grade at Heath School.

Display of sewn and stuffed sushi, pizza, fox, and avocado   Display case with sewn objects, including a stuffed sushi, avocado, and pizza

Stop by the Brookline Village Children’s Room to see these amazing collections! And sign up for a slot in our display cases here!