Tween/Teen Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Starts August 8

August 2, 2022

Calling all tweens and teens: set out for adventure in our Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!

This scavenger hunt has three quests to complete, each starting at all of our libraries: Brookline Village, Coolidge Corner, and Putterham, available Monday, August 8 through Sunday September 25. There are three clues per quest, inside and outside. Be prepared to walk a bit from each library for the final clue, but not too far.  Bring a pencil or pen along with you as well.

Once you finish each quest of the scavenger hunt, you should collect a sticker that proves you found the final hidden clue. Place the sticker on your map.

If you run into any trouble finding a clue, check in with staff for hints.

Every time you collect one quest sticker, head to the nearest library to collect a prize. When you collect all three stickers, head to the nearest library to get your extra special prize!

To start the hunt, ask for a starter map!

  • At Brookline Village, ask for a starter map at the Children’s Room desk
  • At Coolidge Corner, ask for a starter map at the Children’s Room desk
  • At Putterham, ask for a starter map at the Circulation desk

This scavenger hunt is for tweens and teens (ages 10-18). However, if you want to work together as a group or family (with a tween or teen included) to complete the hunt, that’s fine!