A Year Above the Gardens

All Current Exhibits  November 1, 2022

This unique photography project is the work of John Rich, a long-time Brookline resident, professional photographer, and artist. It consists of 22 photographs of the Community Gardens at Larz Anderson Park, shot with a camera-drone. Taken from the identical vantage point every two weeks over the course of one year, the photographic prints show the gardens in diverse times of bloom, decay, and rest. 

From the artist’s statement: “With their promise of growth and renewal, the gardens were truly an oasis for me during the isolation of the pandemic lockdown. By focusing on a landscape transformed through seasonal change and human intervention, the images allow us to connect to the earth and perceive the affirmative power of change.”

The artist will host an opening reception on Saturday, November 5, from 2:30 to 4:30 PM.

Questions and sales inquiries: john@johnrichphoto.com  or 617-968-5727.