Bella’s Doll Collection and Nico’s LEGO Collection

All Current Exhibits  November 9, 2022
Barbie wearing headphones and holding a laptop in a display case of dolls

Check out the collections on display in the Children’s Room!

In our flat case, Bella shares her doll collection. Bella is eight years old and a 3rd grader at Pierce School. Some of these dolls were gifted to her by friends and family. Bella hopes you enjoy them!

Collection of dolls of different races and hairstyles in a display case

In our wall case, Nico shares his LEGO Mech collection. Nico is seven years old and a 2nd grader at Pierce School. Nico’s friend, April, helped him set up this LEGO collection. Nico wants to design robots when he grows up!

Close-up of LEGO action figure holding samurai swords in a display case  Display case of LEGO action figures

Stop by the Brookline Village Children’s Room to see these amazing collections! And sign up for a slot in our display cases here!