Along the Wrack Line

All Current Exhibits  November 21, 2022
artist collecting beach debris for sculpture

wrack line: A trail of debris left on the beach by the high tide.

Rebecca McGee Tuck is a fiber sculptor and a collector of lost objects. In her continuing series  “Along the Wrack Line,” she transforms pieces of marine debris into works of art and symbols of hope, calling attention to the consequences of polluting our oceans and encouraging a new commitment to action.

Rebecca writes, “I began walking the wrack line as a kid with my father, attracted to the sea glass and shells like a perpetual seaside treasure hunt. I learned in time that the real treasures were not always as conspicuous. The random debris that washed ashore after spending ages enduring the ocean’s churn and grasp held more mystery for me. Foraging at the high tide water mark has metamorphosed into my passion and the catalyst for my assemblage fiber sculpture. It has also inspired me to take a more active role in the ocean’s protection.”

Learn more about Rebecca’s work at, and find her on Instagram @rebeccabombshellart.