Hirona’s Junior Ranger Badge Collection and Leela’s Art Projects

All Current Exhibits  December 7, 2022
Collection of Junior Ranger National Park badges in a display case

Check out the collections on display in the Children’s Room!

In our flat case, Hirona shares her collection of Junior Ranger Badges. Hirona is in the 2nd grade at Lawrence School. She loves to visit National Parks!

Collection of National Park Junior Ranger badges in a display case

In our wall case, Leela shares her assorted art projects. Leela is 5 years old, and her collection includes art made of clay and pipe cleaners, as well as drawings!

Display case of art projects including drawings, clay, and pipe-cleaner art  Close-up of drawings, clay, and pipe-cleaner art in a display case

Stop by the Brookline Village Children’s Room to see these amazing collections! And sign up for a slot in our display cases here!