Wesley’s Pokémon Collection and Olive’s Calico Critters

All Current Exhibits  January 11, 2023
Display case of Pokémon cards and toys

Check out the collections on display in the Children’s Room!

In our flat case, Wesley shares his Pokémon cards, books, and toys. Wesley is 7 years old and in 2nd grade at Runkle School.

Pokémon cards, handbooks, and Pikachu plush toy.

In our wall case, Olive shares her collection of Calico Critters, including a miniature Girl Scout Cookie booth that her friend Rebecca made! Olive is 8 years old and in 3rd grade at Lincoln School.

Panda Calico Critter toy using a telescope atop a toy treehouse.  Baby Calico Critter toys in and around a toy crib.

Stop by the Brookline Village Children’s Room to see these amazing collections! And sign up for a slot in our display cases here!