Brookline Turkeys

All Current Exhibits  March 6, 2023

Brookline Turkeys celebrates the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts and its freewheeling fearless feathered friends: our wild turkeys. Viewed by many as an invasive species, turkeys are actually native to this area and are simply returning home.

When local artist Caroline Barnes decided to create a series of travel posters portraying her home town, it only seemed natural to feature our newest star residents. Would it be a serious project, with grandiosity and gravity? Of course not. Although turkeys are gracefully geometric and beautifully colored (in the right light), they’re still utterly absurd. And so, ultimately, the posters carry that same silliness.

Caroline Barnes was training to become a biological illustrator before stepping into the wondrous world of web design. After 20 years, she is returning to her illustration roots. Rather than using pencils, pens, paints, and paper, she develops her concepts in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop using an Apple Pencil and a Wacom Tablet. You may follow her story on Instagram @bklineturkeys.