Transforming Art in Early Education – 50 Years of BEEP!

All Current Exhibits  May 1, 2023

This art exhibition of young learners marks a celebration of 50 years of the Public Schools of Brookline Early Education Program, BEEP. Through a generous grant administered by Brookline Education Foundation, BEEP’s work with local artist and art therapist, Erin Palazzolo Loparo, showcases original artwork and documents the mindful, discovery-driven process behind it. It features over 250 students’ art, ages 2-5 years old, across 19 classrooms. Art experiences incorporate traditional and non-traditional mindful materials exploration and experimentation based on the works of artists Yayoi Kusama, Barnett Newman, Pablo Picasso, and Imagine. The program also offers a unique opportunity to share connections between a working artist and the work of students and teachers. According to Palazzolo Loparo, “Collaborating with BEEP in this way is entirely joy-filled. We’ve created a transformative model for arts in early education where every child is experimenting, making choices, and finding meaning.”

Erin Palazzolo Loparo MS-ATR is a former BEEP parent, local artist/teacher, and registered art therapist who has scientific artwork on permanent display at Harvard Medical School. To view her artwork and commissions, visit Erin’s website and instagram, @loparoerin.