All Current Exhibits  August 21, 2023

C. J. Lori is a Brookline oil painter whose work encompasses realism, magical realism, and surrealism. As an avid traveler, her realistic paintings depict images of the landscape that she wants to capture forever. Magical realism adds a twist, like birch bark with eyes and mouths. Surrealism takes that twist further, as in her “Trees Leaving” series, revealing layers of meaning within. With a touch of humor, they are part homage to Magritte’s floating men in bowler hats, part ecological statement and part allegory of loss, liberation and the yearning for escape. Her paintings emphasize sensations that are often contradictory: clarity and mystery, excitement and sorrow, beauty and decay.

In C. J.’s words, “I paint a landscape as a metaphoric portrait in which we can see ourselves. The shapes, gestures, and surfaces of the trees reveal my affinity for anthropomorphosis. By identifying with our environment, we are more likely to appreciate its significance and fragility, and to deepen our individual connections with it.”

Learn more about C. J.’s work at www.cjlori.com and find her on Instagram at @c.j.lori.