Kimchi Day

All Current Exhibits  November 7, 2023

Discover the world of kimchi, Korea’s beloved spicy, salty, and delicious fermented vegetables, which are quickly winning hearts worldwide. “My Name is Kimchi” tells the heartwarming story of a Korean American family in Brookline and their encounter with a dog named Kimchi. Based on true events, it explores the intersection of cultures and the journey of an adopted dog finding her name, Kimchi, and connecting with happiness.

🌶️ Kimchi Day (11/22): Join us in celebrating Kimchi Day, which is gaining recognition in the US and Korea. Cori Ahn, a local author from Brookline and the writer of “My Name is Kimchi (내 이름은 김치),” has organized an Art and Story exhibit to mark this occasion.

Featuring artwork by 100 children aged 3-5, including 60 from Brookline, USA, and 40 from Korea, the exhibit showcases the harmony, versatility, and cultural significance of kimchi. Inspired by HoBaek Lee’s illustrations, it pays tribute to diverse kimchi-related stories.

Special thanks are extended to Courtney, the art director of the TLC in Brookline, and WOZ in Korea for their contribution in involving the children in this meaningful project.