Portraits, Pups, Prose: A Few of My Favorite Things

All Current Exhibits  November 9, 2023
black and white photo of shadows on tiled floor of woman and dog

Step into the world of Liz Linder, a Brookline photographer and resident, as she presents the art of storytelling through powerful images.

With a nod to her community, Liz captures the essence of local authors and reporters, weaving a narrative through each portrait.

Beyond human subjects, she extends a lens into the world of our canine companions, celebrating the tales they have to tell (pun intended).

Also on display, a series of images that reflect her story as a photographer exploring social media – being on both sides of the lens, watching and being watched, sharing and being data-mined. Here, the lens becomes a mirror and the work takes a subversive twist, commenting on the platform and screens it streams across.

See work at www.lizlinder.com, and visit @lizlinderphotography (for personal work) and @lizlinderstudio (for professional work).