Boston and Cambridge Cityscapes

All Current Exhibits  December 11, 2023

Conor Plunkett’s exhibition is a collection of 32 original pen and ink drawings displaying cityscapes of Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Each piece was created using black India ink on white Bristol vellum surface paper.  The 11×14″ framed drawings depict well-known places throughout both cities drawn in intricate detail.

About the artist: Newtonville Resident, Conor Plunkett, has lived around the greater Boston area since 1974. Widely traveled across the United States and Europe, over the years Conor has grown to appreciate the beautiful parks, skylines, and local architecture that Boston has to offer. With an endless array of historically interesting buildings easily accessible, he decided to focus his creative efforts at capturing Boston via the medium of pen and ink. Using black India ink on white Bristol vellum surface paper, Conor’s gallery of Boston scenes continues to expand every month as he explores the city (and Cambridge, as well), seeking new and fascinating subjects.