My Mother’s Teacups

All Current Exhibits  December 21, 2023

Artist Carolyn Letvin presents a display of her mother’s teacup collection. Carolyn describes the exhibit as follows:

“This was my mother’s teacup collection. It’s made up of mostly English and Bavarian bone china. My father, a mechanical engineer, traveled to Canada and Europe for his business, and he would often bring back teacups as gifts for my mother. When the family traveled together, Mom would often add to her collection herself, and sometimes purchase a matching demitasse cup for me. It is my recollection that the bulk of the collection was created in the late 50s through the 60s.

“The cups were on display in a built-in china cabinet in our dining room for the entire 45 years that my parents lived in their house in York, Pennsylvania. My mother passed away in 1999, but I didn’t take possession of the collection until Dad died in 2005 and the house was sold. The cups have been packed away in storage, so I am very pleased to have them displayed once again for all to see.”