Join the Wizarding Resistance!

Join us for our third annual Harry Potter themed, library-wide event! This year, in the tradition of the Order of the Phoenix, we will be training up young wizards to join the resistance against forces of dark magic.

On October 28, we will host four sessions for families and kids, and one evening session for high school age teens up through adults.

Register starting WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3 at 3 PM. All spots will be made available at this time. Once event sells out, a waitlist will be started (and remember, if you register for the waitlist, register each attendee as only one spot will be available per spot on the waitlist.)

KIDS AND FAMILIES, join us between noon and 6 PM at one of our 90-minute sessions to train for the Wizarding Resistance

TEENS in grade 9 (Age 13) and up to ADULTS, join us between 6:30 and 8:30 PM for your own training:
Please note: no attendees under the age of 13 will be allowed into this evening session.

NEW THIS YEAR: To attend the event, all attendees must pick up their ticket packet between Saturday, October 13 and Saturday, October 27 at the Brookline Village location. You will have two weeks to pick up the packets. Information on how and where to pick up your ticket packet will be included in your registration email.

Inside your ticket packet will be:
– Wristbands! These will allow all of your registered attendees to enter the event at your designated time (and only during your designated time).
– Details of what will happen at the event
– Details of what your training will include
– Information on attending, time limits, expectations for attendee behavior, and how to make the most of the event

Have a question about the event? Reach out to us via email or our Ask A Question form.

Announcing LibChat

We’re proud to announce that today — October 9 — marks the start of LibChat at the Public Library of Brookline. LibChat is a new service we offer alongside phone calls and our Ask A Question email service. It makes it easy for you to communicate with us in real-time instant messages. This service is perfect for people who are too busy for a phone call and just need a quick answer to a question or a small request fulfilled.

Ready to get started? All you have to do is click on the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, ask your question, and a staff member will get back to you either in real time or within a day. Sometimes a staff member may not be available to take your instant message — it could be that you asked during non-operating hours. If that is the case, LibChat will direct you to our Ask A Question form. You can also always call us during open hours at (617) 730-2370.

To incorporate instant messaging into our other services we’re initially offering it on a limited schedule. For more information, please read the schedule below.

From October 9 to October 21, LibChat instant messaging will be active from 7 – 8:45 PM.

From October 22 to November 5, LibChat instant messaging will be active from 10 AM – 2 PM and from 7 – 8:45 PM.

After November 5 we will assess the volume of our questions to determine the feasibility of scaling to instant messaging services which match our hours of operation. If you want to contact us outside of LibChat service hours, we’re happy to to take your question during open hours by phone at (617) 730-2370. We also accept your questions 24/7 via our Ask A Question form.

Provide Feedback for Putterham Library’s Service Hours

In the Spring of 2017, Members of the Community met with Library Trustees to inquire about the possibility of expanded hours at the Putterham Library. In June 2018, in conjunction with the Coolidge Corner Library renovation, the Putterham Library began a pilot study of its hours and usage, adopting the Coolidge Corner Library’s regular hours (M/W 10 am – 6 pm, Tu/TH 10 am – 9 pm, F/Sa 9:30 am – 5 pm, Su 1 pm – 5 pm) for this purpose.

As part of this study, the Library is interested in community feedback regarding these expanded hours. For the purpose of this survey “Summer” is defined as June 2 – September 3 2018. You can take part in the study by accessing the survey linked here.

Drop-in Tech Help

Interested in ebooks? Befuddled by Facebook? New computer confusing you? Is your tablet giving you trouble? We’re here to help!
Come by Brookline Village Library on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10–11 AM or Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-8 PM for tech help from a librarian. No appointment is required. All you need to bring are your technology problems and any relevant devices.

Please note that this program is meant to provide basic technology help – we are unable to assist with in-depth technology issues, hardware repairs, or specialized software instruction. Please bring any devices that you have questions about, or check out one of our Chromebooks. Please bring any relevant login information (e.g. usernames and passwords) for any accounts related to your questions. This is a drop in session and multiple people may show up. Staff may limit sessions to 15 minutes when demand is high. Staff are happy to provide scheduled one on one help by appointment. See a Reference Librarian for more information.

Sock Drive

In anticipation of our Harry Potter event on October 28, we are launching a sock drive at the Brookline Village Library. Bring NEW socks of any size to the Library’s Children’s Room to be donated to our friends at Cradles to Crayons and Pine Street Inn.

Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the Boston Symphony Orchestra!

Hello! I’m Brutus the Pomeranian. Let me tell you about a very special place that my stuffed animal friends and I visited last week—the Boston Symphony Orchestra!

After learning about so many different types of music and musicians this summer, we were SUPER excited to go to a sleepover at the BSO. We were a little worried about not seeing our favorite humans for an ENTIRE night, but the librarian was so nice, and all of the other stuffed animals were so friendly that we felt braver right away.

On the way to the BSO, we stopped at the librarian’s house for snacks. YUM! I asked her to take a photo of all of us with my camera. Since I took the rest of the pictures, this is the only photo that I’m in. Can you find me? Here’s a hint: Pomeranians are very sweet and fluffy dogs. Yep–that’s me on the left!


After we had our snacks, it was time to jump on the train! We had a lot of fun going through the turnstiles. Super Grover tried to fly over them, but the librarian made him get back in line and pay his fare—which is the right thing to do!


We got off at the Symphony stop. Dora, who loves exploring, asked me to document herself and Mommy by the station sign. Since Mommy is a gorilla, she helped Pando climb up too. Pooh didn’t need any help, but Pando never had a chance to learn to climb because she was raised by polar bears. There aren’t any trees at the North Pole!


Everyone started looking for the the entrance to the orchestra. Pooh, Elmo, ZooZoo, and Brownie found a door, but the librarian told us this was a special door just for the musicians. We were looking for a door labelled “BOX OFFICE.” Maybe visitors need to stand on boxes to speak to the people at the counter? At last, Pando found the right door!




Mommy and Mr. Monkey tried to open the door, but it was too heavy. Pando, who had the hang of climbing now, said he would help. But the door was STILL too heavy! Then Whaley said she would help. Blue whales are the largest animals on earth, so Whaley is very strong. Working together, they all got the door open at last. Whew!



Then we all got in line for tickets. Charmander and Sammy were so excited that they rushed to the front of the line. Sammy kept trying to bury her ticket to keep it safe for later, so Charmander had to carry it for her. Silly squirrel—tickets aren’t acorns!



Once inside, Nicole, our BSO friend, showed us so many interesting things! Flower Bear was fascinated by a special kind of musical instrument called a serpent—can you guess why it has that name? Scholars think serpents were invented by a French monk in the late sixteenth century. They have a mouthpiece like a brass instrument, but finger holes like a woodwind instrument. They are so interesting! Flower Bear was too small to get a good look at them, so Dora and Pooh helped out. Because Pooh is very patient, he promised to help Charmander and Elmo take a look, too.


Then Nicole showed us a room where people can stop for snacks while they wait for performances to begin. Ben the penguin started to play some songs on the piano. Super Grover and Pooh wanted to look at the way the tiny hammers struck the wires inside the piano whenever Ben hit the keys. Then Brownie jumped on the music stand and started singing and we all joined in.



The librarian thought we were so talented that we should start our own group! She took us below stage to show us the practice rooms. Ben, Owly and Stork decided they should sing their birdsongs, while Whaley, DonDon the orca, and Shirotan the seal practiced [sea shanties].



While the birds and sea animals were practicing, Pooh, Elmo, Flower Bear, and ZooZoo the monkey went to the recording studio. ZooZoo is very interested in sound engineering. She thinks that if she ever made an album, she’d win a Grammy for sure!




ZooZoo told this to Nick, the BSO’s recording engineer, who showed her HIS Grammy. Super Grover told me to take a photo of him with the Grammy right away! Lion was very impressed—he was at the Olympics in 2012, so he knows how hard you have to work to win a medal. Baby Leo was also impressed. He decided he would ask ZooZoo to record his roars, so that they could BOTH win Grammys!



Next, we went to see the BSO’s archives. It was so interesting! The archivist was working on a special exhibit about John Williams, who was a conductor at the BSO. He also wrote music for the movies Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, which Paddington thought was SO cool. Raiders of the Lost Ark is Pando’s favorite movie and Paddington is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so they decided to become John Williams fans, too.



Teddy and Bunny found some musical scores. Super Grover was determined to learn how to read musical notes so that he, Baby Leo, and ZooZoo could pursue their Grammy dreams. Pando and Paddington wanted to know whether any of these scores were written by John Williams. Sadly, the archivist tells us that they weren’t. These scores were composed by a man named Berlioz. You can listen to the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing the music in the photos [here]! Mr. Monkey, who already knew how to read sheet music, approves. He told us that it sounds springy, just like him!


Next the archivist took us back to the closed stacks. This is where the delicate items are stored. Bunny and Teddy wanted to get a closer look at the portrait of the man playing an oboe. Don’t you think he’s making a funny face? Mommy, ZooZoo, and Mr. Monkey, our climbing experts, were excited because they could help Bunny and Teddy get up to see the drawing. Super Grover flew up to take a look, too. He’d love it if the BSO had a portrait of himself in the archives. Maybe one day they will!


While everyone else was looking at the portraits on the walls, ZooZoo and Pando took a closer look at the stacks. There are ROWS and ROWS of shelves filled with special gray storage boxes. Pando and ZooZoo thought that John Williams should write a theme song for the BSO’s library. It might sound something like [this]. The archivist could play it whenever she walked into the stacks!



After leaving the archives, Elmo found the supplies for the BSO’s chorus, still waiting to be unpacked. He was so excited! Sugar was impressed by the beautiful stencil on the top of the trunk.



DonDon found some more traveling trunks with fancy stencils. Mommy and Mr Monkey climbed up, too, but Teddy stayed on the ground; being so high up was making him feel seasick. Luckily, that wasn’t a problem for DonDon at all.





Suddenly the librarian looked at her watch–it was time for everyone to go to their seats! We snuck around the wings of the stage while the musicians were setting up. Ben and DonDon were happy that they came already wearing their tuxedos!



Dora and Pooh slowly led everyone up the marble steps to the balcony. The stairs were a challenge for some of the smaller animals, but Lion kept everyone motivated with sports cheers.





Wow, our seats were up so high! Doesn’t the stage look beautiful?





Finally, we took our seats, ready for the music to begin. A couple of animals had to sit in Pooh’s lap, since they were too small to see over the seats in front of them. Sugar told everyone to hush–the music was about to start!



We had such a fun night. The next morning it was time to go back to the library and share all of our adventures with our FAVORITE humans. And even more exciting, we had special party favors to share with them when they took us back home: yummy cookies and a souvenir ticket!




Pack A Lunch & Learn A Bunch

The library is pleased to announce the start of a new monthly Lunch & Learn series. Starting September 27, these free classes — led by our librarians — will focus on a different topic each month. You provide your own lunch, and we’ll provide easy-to-use laptops, a great speaker, and a fun learning atmosphere. Whether you want to learn how to start a blog, use Google Drive, or build a resume, we’re sure you’ll find a Lunch & Learn session suited for you.

The Lunch & Learn group will meet on the last Thursday of each month from 12 – 1 PM, except on major holidays. Classes will be held in the Commons at the Brookline Village Library. No registration is required, and our classes are completely free. This is a bring-your-own-lunch event.

Our schedule overview is posted below. Stay tuned to this page for a detailed description of each class. Have a question about our Lunch & Learn series? Don’t hesitate to ask us.

September 27 – Google Suite 101
October 25 – Accessing the eLibrary
November 29 – Blogging 101
December 27 – Resume Writing Workshop
January 31 – Writing Cover Letters
February 28 – Genealogy 101
March 28 – Library of Things Overview

Join Team Brookline and Run the 2019 Boston Marathon

Calling all runners! Team Brookline, the official Brookline Team of the Boston Marathon, is seeking runners for the 2019 Marathon Team.

Applications now are available for interested runners to join the 2019 Team Brookline marathon team. Interested runners do not need to be Brookline residents to participate; they just need a commitment to the team and to our causes.

Team Brookline is a committed group of adult runners who train together for the Boston Marathon. When runners train and run with Team Brookline, they strengthen the Brookline community, expanding access to mental health care, literacy, the arts, youth development programs, education, and the Brookline Library Foundation.

Members of Team Brookline receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed entry into the 2019 Boston Marathon.
  • Tailored coaching all season long from a dedicated coach
  • Camaraderie of training with a committed team
  • Personalized training plans
  • Individualized fundraising support
  • Team Brookline running gear

To participate on Team Brookline, runners must commit to raising a minimum of $6,000 each, though many past runners have surpassed the minimum. There is a non-refundable $25 application fee, and selected runners are responsible for paying the Boston Athletic Association’s registration fee. Applicants will be selected based on running experience, fundraising ability, and passion for participating.

One of the world’s oldest marathons, the Boston Marathon is a popular event for both runners and spectators. It is also one of the hardest marathons to get into. Each of the eight towns along the Boston Marathon route is given a number of race entries as a thank-you for their support of the race. In 2012, the Town of Brookline became the first town to take these invitational numbers and create its own charity program, giving members of the community a chance to run in a historic race and establishing its official Boston Marathon team: Team Brookline.

Since its inception, more than 150 runners, supported by friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and each other, as well as local business community, have raised nearly $1.5 million to strengthen the community and make a true impact in the lives of all who live, work, or go to school in Brookline.

Applications can be found on the Team Brookline website and will be accepted until Friday, October 12, 2018.

For questions, please contact Cyndi Roy Gonzalez at

Antique Toys in Children’s Room

Recently, a staff member at the Library discovered a treasure trove of antique toys in the Children’s Room Rabbit Hole. The majority of the toys feature characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and antique dolls make up the rest. Their history at the library is something of a mystery, but we believe they were donated to the library quite some time ago. In a final effort to find out who donated the toys, we are enlisting the help of you, our dedicated library patrons.

Do you know anything about the history of these toys at the library? Give us a call or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks to Vivien Goldman, photographer and Library Trustee, for taking these excellent photos. We at the Public Library of Brookline hope you enjoy this digital collection.

Adult Summer Reading

Summer reading is soon upon us! In addition to the activities happening for children and teens, the Public Library of Brookline will be holding two Adult Summer Reading activities: Summer Reading Bingo and Scratch Tickets/Raffle. Both of these activities will be held at the Brookline Village and Putterham Libraries. Sussman will not be participating this summer.

Adult summer reading will run from Monday July 2 until Friday August 31. Below you will find more information about each program.


Patrons can receive a BINGO card from either the Reference or Circulation desk. Present your bingo card when you check out and we’ll give you a sticker for the corresponding square.

Note: you can get one sticker per visit to the library (even if you are checking out books that correspond to multiple bingo squares). Additionally, you cannot use the same book for multiple squares.

If the book you are borrowing will give you bingo, you will receive your winning sticker and prize when you return the book in-person.

First-time bingo winners will receive a Public Library of Brookline tote bag. After your first Bingo, winners receive a piece of candy for each subsequent bingo.

Need assistance with finding books for your bingo card? Stop by the reference desk, a librarian would be glad to help.

Scratch Tickets & Raffle

Every time you check out a book, you can receive an instant-win scratch ticket. This is limited to one ticket per patron per day.  Scratch off a ticket to reveal a prize, then present it to circulation to immediately receive the revealed prize.

Prizes range from a piece of candy, to handmade bookmarks, to $5.00 Brookline Booksmith gift cards! Prizes cannot be exchanged.

Additionally, if you write down your name and email on the ticket you will be entered into our grand prize raffle. Two winners will be drawn at the end of the summer for $50 Brookline Booksmith Gift Cards.

Happy summer reading, everyone!