More than ever, Americans are spending time thinking, talking, and reading about politics. And yet, we’re below historical averages in actual civic and political volunteerism. What’s going on? Today, most people who are interested in politics are “political hobbyists” – engaging in politics to satisfy their own intellectual interests and emotional needs. In this talk, […]

While The Dictionary is frequently called upon to justify positions and settle debates, most people know relatively little about how dictionaries are made and what their aims are. Join Merriam-Webster Senior Editor Emily Brewster for a peek into a lexicographer’s view of The Dictionary. We’ll discuss language change, annoying words, and just how it is […]

Join us to see how we can use our Cricut, copper tape, and LED lights to make our very own constellations! Limited to ages 8-18. ideaSPACE is generously funded by the Brookline Library Foundation and brought to you with federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Massachusetts […]